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Arizona Computer Guru provides the #1 Tucson virus removal service available to businesses. We do this through a combination of decades of experience and specially honed tools which seek out and destroy computer infections at their source. Having been servicing computer infections for more than twenty years, Arizona Computer Guru is in a unique position to assist you with your problem. Getting a virus has never been easier, and getting your machine completely clean has never been more complex. Put your machine in the hands of the experts, and rest easy knowing that your computer virus will be removed quickly and efficiently.

Tucson’s computer virus removal experts


Tucson malware removal

Malware is today’s most common form of computer infection. As a result, Arizona Computer Guru has many years of experience mitigating and removing just about every kind of malware there is. We guarantee our work, because we’re confident that we can remove your malware infection the first time.

Ransomware Viruses

tucson ransomware removal

Ransomware infections are becoming all too common. These infections make a grab for your data, encrypting it and preventing you from accessing it until you pay a large sum of money. In many cases these infections can be removed without loss of your data, despite what they claim.

Windows, Mac, Linux

Viruses removed from windows and mac computers

All computer systems are vulnerable to infection. Contrary to popular beliefe, Apple devices are no less susceptible to infection than Windows machines. There are even viruses for Linux machines – in today’s world, nothing is safe. Arizona Computer Guru can remove viruses from any system, whether you have a Mac, a PC, or a Linux machine.

Remote Virus Removal

remote virus removal tucson arizona

Many viruses and infections can be removed remotely, saving you time and money. If your computer has power and an internet connection, we can likely remote into it and solve your issues without you having to bring it to us. Give us a call to discuss – we’ll let you know if a remote session is possible for you.

When no one else can, Arizona Computer Guru has you covered

We’re confident we can get you back in working order, even when no one else can. Arizona Computer Guru has refined the virus removal process to make it as efficient and painless as possible. When you choose Arizona Computer Guru as your Tucson virus removal specialists, you’ll know that your files are safe and that you’ll be back up and running soon, because the Tucson virus removal experts are taking care of you.

Your data is important – don’t lose it to a computer virus!

When your computer is running right, you don’t usually think about data loss. But a computer infection can change all of that in an instant – photos you thought were stored safely on your hard drive can become encrypted; blocked and inaccessible to you or anyone who doesn’t have the key. That key will likely cost you – ransomware infections have never been more common, and preventing you from getting access to your data is their number one goal. Arizona Computer Guru can mitigate the consequences of a computer virus and help you recover your data. In many cases, older ransomware which is still able to infect machines can be removed, allowing you access to your data again. However, this is not always possible.

Prevention is the key – and having good backups is how you prevent data loss. Arizona Computer Guru offers competitive cloud backup service, as well as remote monitoring service to ensure your machines remain safe.

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Amazing service, they were really good at explaining the problem and the options for different solutions. I can’t complain they were extremely professional. Will recommend.

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Staff fantasic, service great, prices reasonable. Definitely would not go anywhere else!!!

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Any time I have a computer hardware, software or device concern, I always call the folks over at Computer Guru. The Owner, Mike, and his staff know and love what they do.

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If you have an infection, don’t wait. Get in touch so that our virus removal experts can get started and get your machine back to you ASAP. If you have any questions regarding computer viruses, malware, or infections in general, you can always give us a call at 520.304.8300 or use the form below to send us an email.
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