Remote Computer Support

There are many reasons why it may not be ideal to bring a machine to our location to perform service, and often it doesn’t actually make sense to do so. Nowadays, many services can be performed 100% remotely, saving you time and money as well as the effort of having to disconnect your machine and bring it to us. For many services, our technicians can connect to your machine remotely and perform the service over the internet, allowing your machine to stay exactly where it is and without having to disconnect anything.

Remote Services for Businesses

For our business customers, the ability to perform services remotely is a must. As a business owner, you don’t want the extra time and hassle of having to take a crucial machine offline for potentially days at a time. Instead, you can simply schedule a remote service during a time that works best for you, and one of our technicians will coordinate with you to access the machine and perform the service. You’ll save money since remote service rates are lower than having a technician onsite, and you won’t need to take your machine offline in order to have maintenance performed.

Remote Services for Residential Customers

Don’t worry, our remote services aren’t just for businesses! As a residential customer, you can benefit from remote computer support as well. Rather than paying additional fees for a technician to come to your home, you can save a fair amount by having your service performed remotely. Your technical will guide you through the service over the phone as they perform it – meaning you can coordinate with them just as if they were in your home.

What services can be done remotely?

Although remote service is a great way to save time and money, it only works for certain kinds of repairs. Here are some of the things we can help you with remotely:

  • Software issues / errors
  • Virus Removal / Cleanup*
  • Email setup / Outlook connection
  • QuickBooks / Accounting software errors
  • User profile errors
  • New printer setup
  • VPN setup / connection*
  • Tutoring / education

*Sometimes these services cannot be performed remotely, depending on the exact nature of the issue.

COVID-19 Notice

Many of our services can be performed remotely! Due to Covid-19, we recommend older or at-risk customers utilize remote services whenever possible in order to reduce unnecessary risk of exposure.

Although our technicians make every effort to reduce exposure, the nature of our work exposes us to many different people. If you are at risk, please get in touch to arrange remote services.

We also offer no-contact pickup if it is necessary to bring your machine back to our facility. Just ask about this service when you call!

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