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Remote Computer Support

Did you know that many computer support services can be performed remotely? It’s true – nowadays, thanks to faster internet connections and better software, it’s possible for IT technicians to securely connect to your machine over the internet and perform service. Arizona Computer Guru has been providing this kind of remote computer support to businesses in Tucson for quite a long time now, and we’ve solved tens of thousands of computer problems completely remotely.

Benefits of Remote Computer Support

There are many benefits to remote computer support, including price, convenience, and speed. First, our remote services are discounted in comparison to our onsite services, since a technician does not need to physically come out to your location in order to perform remote computer service. Next, it’s hard to beat the convenience factor of having your technician connect to your machine remotely; there’s no need for you to make space available at your location for service to be performed or to disconnect anything. Finally, there’s the speed with which remote computer support can be scheduled and service can be done. These factors all lead up to one conclucsion – when your business can make use of remote computer support, it should.

What Kinds Of Problems Can Be Solved Remotely?

As computers become more stable and hardware improves, the list of repairs which can be made remotely is only increasing. This means more savings and convenience for you, and more happy customers for us. If the machine can stay powered on and has an internet connection, there’s a good chance we can do the repair or at least assess the situation remotely. Give us a call at 520.304.8300 to discuss if you’re not sure – we’ll figure it out and get the best solution set up for you.

Is Remote Computer Support Safe?

Unfortunately there are many scammers and bad actors out there who have given remote computer support a bad name. But thankfully, there are ways to be sure that the service you are receiving is legitimate, safe, and your information is secure. First, Arizona Computer Guru uses a trusted, well-known software partner to remotely access your machine. Our remote software can only be installed by you, meaning that you have control over when your machine is available to be accessed. Next, when our service is complete, our software completely removes itself from your machine. It runs temporarily, not installing anything permanent on your machine which could be used to access it again. Once your service is complete, we can’t get back into your machine unless you schedule another service.

Additionally, we provide another layer of security in how we schedule remote computer support. The name of your technician will be known to you prior to service, and you will be able to see upon connection that your scheduled technician is the one connected to your machine. You’ll be speaking with your technician over the phone as the connection is made, verifying that the connection is secure and your information is safe.

Schedule Your Remote Support Service

Getting started with remote computer support is easy! Just give us a call at 520.304.8300 and ask to schedule a remote service, and our technicians will explain the process as well as get your appointment scheduled.

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