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What Is the Role of IT in Business Growth?

From finding ways to improve your operational efficiency to creating a service no one else offers, there are plenty of things you can do to grow your business. However, among all those things, don’t underestimate the role of IT in business growth.

What Is the Role of IT in Business Growth?

Your IT environment is a core part of your day-to-day operations. Regardless of what you do or what industry your organization is a part of, IT has a heavy influence on your ability to accomplish tasks. For example, a poorly managed network is susceptible to bottlenecks and downtime that could get in the way of your job. On the other hand, having IT that’s optimized and aligned with your business goals enhances your productivity and efficiency.

The state of your infrastructure can mean the difference between success or failure. Here are a few common ways managed IT for small businesses can help you grow:

Technology Scaling

Nothing proves that you’re making the right decisions like organizational growth. It’s a great feeling to watch as your business flourishes, but with that success comes a little pain—specifically growing pains. For example, as you bring on more people to meet increased demand, your resources are going to start spreading thin. 

If nothing is done, you could quickly find your staff struggling to get the equipment they need to work, like phones, computers, and more. The last thing you want is to have your employees feeling forced to share these resources. If you want to keep up your company’s momentum, you need to scale your infrastructure to handle the influx of users. 

With a managed service provider (MSP) to back you up, you can scale your infrastructure without trouble. An MSP like Arizona Computer Guru understands the role of IT in business growth, and we can help you build your infrastructure in a way that accommodates your entire team. With our consulting services, you don’t have to worry about experiencing business growing pains again.  

Employee Hiring and Onboarding

Any business would have a hard time sustaining growth without adding new employees, but if you’re only hiring locally, the talent pool may be more shallow than you would like. You can fix this problem with the help of remote technologies. Remote solutions expand your search beyond the confines of your city or state by allowing you to have virtual employees. That means you have access to the most qualified candidates from around the country.

Additionally, IT can help with employee onboarding. By implementing the right human resources technology, you can automate your employee onboarding checklist. As a result, the new members of your team can spend less time waiting and hit the ground running as soon as possible. An MSP can assist with deploying this technology so it’s ready to go immediately.  

Supplement Your IT Department

If your IT department is swamped with IT projects, but you can’t afford to hire more technicians, an MSP can help you save money and act as an extension of your internal IT department, allowing you to avoid the costs of hiring more full-time employees.

IT Strategy Creation and Future-Proofing Your Infrastructure 

You use IT for everything from sending emails to holding video conferences. The more optimized your IT environment is, the more productive and efficient your staff becomes. To achieve an optimized infrastructure where your technology is helping your organization, you need an expert’s help.

MSPs have the knowledge, tools, and technicians to help you get the most out of your technology. Through their managed IT services, they can help you develop IT strategies that save money, keep your systems running smoothly, and make sure you’re not wasting resources. 

An MSP can also help you reinforce your IT to meet the challenges ahead. They work with you to understand where you are now and what are the objectives you want to accomplish. Using that information, they can craft a strategy that prepares your infrastructure for future growth.

Create a Desirable Place To Work

As mentioned earlier, it would be difficult to sustain growth without hiring new employees. A big part of hiring new talent is retaining that new talent. In today’s job market, companies that offer hybrid or remote opportunities are highly sought after. 

To create a workplace capable of hybrid and remote work, you need to have solutions like a cloud platform, virtual private networks, collaboration tools, and more. An MSP can help you set your infrastructure up to make it work-from-home friendly. As a result, you can make your company a more desirable place to work.

Business Continuity

Another way IT plays a role in business growth is by improving business continuity. Disruptions can have a major financial impact on a business. That’s why it’s necessary to prepare your company for anything. With the help of an MSP, you can develop an IT business continuity plan. This plan allows your company to quickly recover from anything that could stop it or slow it down.

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