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Arizona Computer Guru offers the perfect online backup solution for your business. Our secure cloud storage platform lets you rest easy knowing that your business’s crucial data is protected offsite, ensuring that even in the event of a disaster, recovery is just a few clicks away. We take your security seriously – our AES 256-bit source-side encryption guarantees that your data remains private and safe. Give us a call now at 520.304.8300 to get started, or use this page to learn more about how our service can benefit your business.

Secure Cloud Backup For Your Business

We take your data security seriously. Our goal is to protect your data at each and every stage of the exchange – from your machine to our servers and back again.

Our platform offers you secure AES 256-bit source-side encryption, meaning that your data is encrypted before it’s ever sent to us. This ensures that no outside parties can access your data after it leaves your system.

Additionally, your data is secured by SSL when it is sent to our servers, adding yet another layer of encryption and protection. Finally, we can then encrypt your data an additional time on our side – giving you ultimate data security.

Arizona Computer Guru Managed Backups Feature:

Scheduled & Real-time

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Automate your backups with our scheduling features, and push updates whenever changes are made to your files. Stop forgetting to run your backups – our platform puts you back in control with the power of automation. Spend less time worrying and more time working.

Bandwidth Monitoring


Don’t worry about hitting ISP bandwidth caps – we give you the control to decide how much bandwidth your backups use, and when. Only want to use 10% of your bandwidth during work hours? No problem. Want to run your full backups on nights and weekends? No problem.

Scales with your needs

We don’t believe in charging you for what you don’t need. Get just the space you’ll use, and easily scale up later when your storage needs increase. We have pricing options whether you need 10GB or 10TB, so just let us know how much space you’d like and we’ll get you set up.

Enterprise Encryption

Source-side AES 256-bit encryption means your data is secure before it even leaves your machine. That’s not enough though – we encrypt your data again upon transmission via SSL, and if that’s still not enough, we can encrypt it again on our side. We’ll keep your data safe – guaranteed.

Integrate backups with your business seamlessly

Don’t worry about having a lot of configuration to deal with, or something that you have to constantly monitor. Our aim is to provide a seamless experience for you and your business, so our platform installs quickly and simply. All you need to do is choose what you want to backup and when, and you’re all set. From there, our system runs in the background – keeping your data safe without needing your attention. In the event of data loss, the data can be quickly restored to any other machine. It’s that simple.

What they’re saying about us

Data loss is often a scary, frustrating experience. Arizona Computer Guru removes that stress by offering comprehensive solutions for your business. A robust backup platform is a necessity, and many of our customers agree. Here’s what some of our past and current customers have to say about their experience with Arizona Computer Guru’s managed business services:

I highly recommend Mike and his team at Arizona Computer Guru for any computer repair, website design, or business IT service you need. No matter what the system or problem, Mike and his team will help you navigate the complex world of IT in a way you can actually understand at a price you can afford!

-Brian Lutz, Google review

I have always received sound advice from them. The services provided have always been excellent. They charged me a very good price and never tried to sell me something I didn’t need. Whenever I explained my needs, Mike always gave me several options and worked with me to reach the best decision. I don’t live in Tucson but I’ll still make the trip because I know I will never regret it.

-Henry Wyckoff, Google review

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