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SEO in Tucson

Arizona Computer Guru has a proven and well-established track record for SEO in Tucson. We offer a unique blend of services that our customers have found to be extermely effective in ranking their websites. We take a content-first approach that adheres to some of the foundational principles that are crucial to proper SEO – something that many marketing companies seem to miss.

The Content-First Approach to SEO

Your website’s content is the most important tool in your arsenal, and it’s also the hinge-point for every other effort we’ll make together. Simply put, if the content on your website isn’t up to par, the rest of your efforts for SEO are going be moot.

This is because search engines like Google use the content on your website to determine how relevant your website is to a given search term. Your content contributes to your PageRank, your search placement, and how likely Google is to serve your website to a viewer.

We will go through every bit of content on your website and help you edit for SEO. We’ll also suggest new pieces of content that you’ll need on your website to hit your full keyword potential. If you’d prefer, we can also write / edit content for you. Our team includes experts in the area of SEO writing as well as website development and marketing.

Our Process

The content-first approach is just one step in the process to get your website ranking higher. After we ensure that your content is dialed in perfectly to your niche or demographic, we’ll assess a number of other options for your website. We never use a cookie-cutter approach – we understand that every business is unique, and therefore each website needs a fresh approach. Certain tools and techniques work for certain websites but not others, and we’ll ensure you always get the most out of your project.

Why Arizona Computer Guru is the Best Choice for SEO in Tucson


Full transparency on your project

We will ensure that you understand exactly what we’re doing with your website. Each part of the process will be explained to you in detail, with a clearly laid out plan and timeline for what you should expect.

Flexibility in plans and strategies

Just like every website is different, every budget is different. We can work with you to ensure that you get the most important SEO factors on your website fixed, built, or added. Instead of sticking to rigid plans and contracts, we offer a flexible approach to our pricing structure that will fit your budget.

Only White-Hat strategies

We don’t employ any strategies that could potentially get your website in hot water with Google, such as link spamming, word spinning, hidden content, or keyword over-saturation. We only use proven techniques and strategies that follow the model Google recommends.

Reports and Analytics

We’ll give you up-to-date reports and analytics that prove our strategies are effective. You’ll know exactly how many visitors your website is getting. We’ll also use these reports to switch gears during the project if a particular strategy isn’t as effective as planned. This is just another example of the crucial flexibility we offer.


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If you’re ready to get started, please give us a call at 520.304.8300 or use the form on this page. Our team is ready to analyze your website and offer you a strategy to improve your search ranking.

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